Senior Thesis
Everything: A Speculative Design

Everything That Will Happen Will Happen at Home
Doha, Qatar
Aug—Sep 21

Poster Only

A Reader:
Reading Japanese Design
2020, Publication

While we were stucked at home, what kind of art and design should we make? Shall we take the time and sit down, to rethink about our lives and the things we already know? This publication is created for inspirations from Ex-formation, Designing Design written by Kenya Hara, who redefine the idea of what design is, and most importantly, how we should design for human beings.
Digital publication

Off Takes 2016
by Haojingban,
2020, Editorial Design

Typo-translation from video work Off Takes by Haojingban.
Contents in both English and Chinese.
To extend the concept of using outtakes as the content of the work, a series of shapes outlined by monologues were presented, creating an alternate visual language.

30x8 folded

A Manual
2019, Publication, Prints

A publication about spaces and places.“We are actually incapable of appreciating more than just a very little of our surroundings. In every sensory moment, we are absolutely flooded with input, much of which is irrelevant”.


The Commonwealth Times

An Interview With My Father
2019, Publication, Print

The work is constructed by the conversation with my father from an interview. My father talked about his days in Japan and what he had learned from different cultures.

Saddle stitch

Anatomy of My Digital Identity
2019, Poster

Click here to see the poster.

Typeface design
2019 (in progress)

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